Global Asymptotic Stability for Discrete Single Species

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Single-species population models forces the modeller to describe the population life-history as a sequence of equal duration age classes, thus effectively precluding the identification of such age classes with functional categories, instars, developmental stages or whatever (Leslie 1945, 1948). more


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Mathematical Biology. 11: Single Species Population Models

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Mathematical Analysis of a Single-Species Population Model

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The Systematic Formulation of Tractable Single-Species

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The Systematic Formulation of Tractable Single-Species

In this paper, we have developed a single-species population model in polluted environment. In Section 2 , we present a brief sketch of the construction of the model. Boundedness and positivity analysis of the solutions is shown which implies that the system is ecologically well behaved. more


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A single-species population growth model is considered, where the growth rate response to changes in its density has a periodic delay. It is shown that if the self-inhibition rate is sufficiently large compared to the reproduction rate, then the model equation has a … more


Sustainability in Single-Species Population Models

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Continuous versus discrete single species population models

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First, to facilitate teaching simple in a tidy context. Second, to provide a ‘tidy’ interface based on data frames to existing population packages. In a ‘tidy’ context, the main functions should take inputs and produce outputs that are data frames ready to … more


Global Asymptotic Stability for Discrete Single Species

Stochastic analogues of deterministic single-species population models. Although single-species deterministic difference equations have long been used in modeling the dynamics of animal populations, little attention has been paid to how stochasticity should be incorporated into these models. By deriving stochastic analogues to difference equations more


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SINGLE SPECIES POPULATION MODELS 683 3 of this paper we analyze a simplified version of the structured floater- resident-disperser model introduced by Hanski (1989). Our approach con- tains the pure contest-type, the pure scramble-type and the Ricker model as special cases of a wide range of discrete models. more


Continuous versus discrete single species population

We present some basic discrete models in populations dynamics of single species with several age classes. Starting with the basic Beverton-Holt model that describes the change of single species we discuss its basic properties such as a convergence of all solutions to the equilibrium, oscillation of solutions about the equilibrium solutions, Allee’s effect, and Jillson’s effect. more


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Single-species Population Dynamics In this chapter we move up to the level of the population. The models we consider here attempt to explain and predict patterns of change over time in population density, the number of individuals per unit area or volume. Population dynamics has always been a core topic in theoretical ecology. One of the original – and more


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Chapter 6 Models for Population. Population models for single species Malthusian growth model The logistic model The logistic model with harvest Insect outbreak model squirrels Models for interacting populations Predator-prey models: Lotka-Volterra systems Competition models Other models With age distribution Delay models. Oak trees References more


Periodic Solutions of Single-Species Models with Periodic

5/17/2009 · This paper reports on the behaviors of single species models with and without pollution. We consider three basic models, one is deterministic, and others are stochastic. We first obtained the acute thresholds between local extinction and (stochastic) weakly persistent in the mean for population respectively. Then we study the attainability of more


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Simulation of population expansion and spatial pattern when individual dispersal distributions do not decline exponentially with distance, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences 259, no.1356 1356 (Jan 1997): 243–248. more


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5/30/2002 · Most species live in species-rich food webs; yet, for a century, most mathematical models for population dynamics have included only one or two species1,2,3. We ask whether such models are more



Sustainability in single-species population models Terrance J. Quinn II1* and Jeremy S. Collie2 1juneau Center, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 11120 Glacier Highway, Juneau, AK 99801-8677, USA 2Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, South Ferry Road, Narragansett, RI 02882, USA more


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Single-species Population Dynamics - Cornell University

- "Sustainability in single–species population models" Figure 15. Frequency distributions of egg production in year 50 from 100 replications of a stochastic population without fishing (solid line) and with fishing at theMSY level (dotted line). more


Lecture 14: Population growth.

8/1/2016 · Modelling framework and some analytical results Temporal dynamics of a single species population can be described by the following generic ordinary differential equation: (2.1) d U d t = U f (U), where U is the population size (density) and f (U) describes the per capita growth. more


Survival analysis of stochastic single-species population

2/3/2014 · Intro to Mathematical Modeling in Biology: Single Species Population ModelsView t UCI Math 113B: Intro to Mathematical Modeling in Biology (Fall 2014)Lec 11. more


Single Species Population Models -

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Global Asymptotic Stability for Discrete A. Bilgin University of Rhode Island Mustafa Kulenovic University of Rhode Island, [email protected] Creative Commons License This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Follow this and additional works at: more


Population models for single species | Predation | Applied Classic ODE Single-Species Population Models that Incorporate Density Dependence 90. 4.4.2 Discrete-Time Population Growth Models with Stochasticity 92. 4.5 State-space Modeling 93. 4.5.1 Gompertz State-space Population Model 94. 4.5.2 Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian State-space Population Models 96. 4.6 Software Tools 96. 4.7 Online more